Anxiety and Stress. Vol-21(2-3)

Anxiety and Stress. Volume 21. Number 2-3. December. 2015

Summary 21(2-3), pp. 95-232

Pena, C. y Maldonado, E.F. Executive functions profile in children and adolescents with anxiety disorders and their training as a therapeutic way for their intervention and prevention: A systematic review
Sagrario García-Maroto Fernández, María Luz López Delgado, José Miguel Latorre Postigo Anxiety, resilience and perceived emotional intelligence in a group of women with breast cancer
Javier Barría Muñoz State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory (STAXI-2) in a sample of Chilean men batterers: Validity and reliability
Elizabeth Pozos-Radillo, Lourdes Preciado-Serrano, Ana Plascencia- Campos Psychophysiological symptoms predictive of stress in Mexican immigrants in Canada
Cristina María García Fernández, Fco. Javier Herruzo Cabrera y Antonio Félix Raya Trenas The fear of public speaking in a Spanish sample of university students
Enrique Riquelme-Mella, Edgardo Miranda-Zapata, Lisby Moncada- Retamal, Paola Muñoz-Yévenes y Carlos Valdés-Cruz Factor validity of the Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale (FLCAS) in Chilean high school students
Mariana Carolina Miracco, Guillermina Rutsztein y Eduardo Gustavo Keegan Coping and posttraumatic stress disorder in women who suffer intimate partner violence
Francisco Javier Rodríguez-Díaz, Aida Rubín-Prieto, Carolina Bringas- Molleda, Esteban Álvarez-Fresno y Juan Herrero-Olaizola Effect of emotional climate in development of the prison professional work stress: a predictive study
Gabriel Dorantes-Argandar , Erika Anaí Cerda-Macedo , Francisco Tortosa-Gil y Javier Ferrero Berlanga Road aggressiveness as a predictor of stress and prosocial behavior, and its influence on Mexican drivers' accident rates
María Beltrán-Catalán, Izabela Zych y Rosario Ortega-Ruíz The role of emotions and perceived support in the process of overcoming the effects of bullying: a retrospective study
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